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We are the official Pet Friendly Rentals, our company was started in 2007 due to demand for truly dog friendly accommodation in the UK. Others try to be us, but none can promote accommodation like we do. We only select the very best holiday rental cottages, the ones that are truly dog friendly, not just dog tolerant. Yes there is a difference, a real dog friendly accommodation will add extra's for your dog, some may even go as far as to provide throws for furniture and towels to dry a wet dog off.

Pet Friendly Rentals is very experienced when it comes to the demands of todays dogs. We have an eye for what a truly dog friendly accommodation should be like.

England is a nation of animal lovers. Just over half of the households in the UK own a pet; you never have to look very far to see a dog out for a walk with its master, or a cat lying about in the sun.

What is Pet Friendly Rentals?

Pet Friendly Rentals is a UK company based in North Devon, we were the 1st accommodation website of its kind that gives pet owners the ability to search for either; a long term property to rent or holiday rentals within the UK.

We are sadly not a letting agent or managing agent and so do not unfortunately manage the accommodation listed on this site. You simply contact either the property owner direct or the managing agent via the contact details within each advert. Looking for tips when renting with a pet, please visit our Tips page

Long term rental properties

The website was created in September of 2007 by Me Darren Lock and my partner Sarah, and all because we had a difficult experience ourselves trying to find a rental property that would allow our medium sized dog and our pet rabbit. We rang around all of the letting agents in the local area of Tonbridge in Kent only to be told that pets or dogs would not be allowed.

After being turned down on several occasions, we eventually found a house that would accept our pets. The property backed on to a railway line, but to us this was a small price to pay to enable us to keep our beloved pets.

With this in mind we decided to create a new website petfriendlyrentals.co.uk that is especially designed to bring rental accommodation that will allow pets, together with the animal lovers who so desperately want them. By only allowing properties on this site that will accept dogs, cats, horses or small animals, we hope to make the process of finding a rental property for you and your pet a pain free exercise. As of now we currently only provide online advice and links to websites that may have long term properties to rent.

Good luck with your search to find properties within the UK.

Pet Friendly Holiday Rentals

Being pet owners ourselves, we like to take our dogs on holiday with us and are always on the look out for dog friendly accommodation where our pets are welcome. We are finding that there are more and more dog friendly self-catering and cottages in counties such as Devon, Dorset and Yorkshire, but finding them is not always an easy task. Our website makes finding truly dog friendly holiday accommodation easier than ever before, search for a holiday based on your requirements, enclosed garden, log fire, hot tub and more. So whether you are looking for pet friendly cottages in Scotland or a dog friendly caravan break in Devon, this site is a great place to find them all.

If you have a pet friendly holiday property or accommodation where dogs are welcome, list your rental property online with us today and increase your rental income. Advertise Online Today

Long Term Rentals Campaign

Our campaign is to continually search and contact landlords in the hope that they will allow pets in to their rental properties, whether it is a small animal, or more importantly a cat or dog. We want to make finding a UK home for pet owners easier . If you are a landlord and are reading this, please consider allowing pets into your property. Why accept pets.

If you are already a pet friendly landlord

If you are already a pet friendly landlord and are happy to accept pets in your home, pet owners all over the country would like to thank you.

Need more information, please read our FAQ's

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What Is Pet Friendly Rentals


Q: What is Pet Friendly Rentals?
A: PetFriendlyRentals.co.uk is the UK’s premier rental accommodation website exclusively for pets and their owners. We cover rental properties throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our website contains one main directory which is for dog friendly holidays ranging from self catering accommodation, Cottages, Lodges, Caravans & Cabins, all of which have a pets welcome policy.

We also provide pages that provide advice and tips for those looking for long term rental properties within the UK that allow pets. Will will provide you with the best information on how to locate properties from private landlords and lettings agents.

Q: How up to date are the rental listings?
A: All advertisers have their own account on the website which enables them to add or edit their adverts at any time they wish. We encourage all our advertisers to keep their adverts as up to to date as possible, this will prevent unnecessary phone calls or emails.

Q: Where do you get your accommodation from?
A: Anyone with a truly pet friendly self-catering property can promote their accommodation with us. Many of the adverts come direct from the accommodation owners themselves and some are from carefully selected agencies. We continually search for the very best pet friendly holidays in the UK.

Q: What types of properties do you list?
A: If you're looking for a long term rental property that allows pets, we now provide information on this website to assist you in your search. See our other pages.
If you are looking for a holiday accommodation in the UK where dogs are welcome, we have listings of self catering cottages, lodges, apartments and caravans.

Q: What are the benefits of listing my property with Pet Friendly Rentals?
A: Pet friendly rentals will be looked at by thousands of pet owners throughout the world, all looking for that perfect holiday accommodation. By accepting pets you are increasing your rental potential as over 50% of households own pets. To see more benefits and tips please read Why Accept a Pet.

Q: Who will see my listings?
A: There are over 18 million pet owning households in the UK alone, many of these will be searching our website looking for holiday accommodation. We aim to advertise our business in as many pet friendly locations as possible, these would include; Dog Magazines, Pet websites, Animal Rescue Centres, social media etc. We also aim to appear high in the internet search engines.


Finding An Accommodation

Homes to rent in the UK

Q: We are looking for a long term rental property.  It is to house ourselves and our dog and cat.  Do you have anything specific in that area?
A: We have made changes to the way our website works. We used to promote long term places to rent, but found it was a difficult job enchouraging landlords to allow pets. In the end we decided it would be easier to locate properties on other website and provide a link to those. We still offer online advice about pet friendly properties to rent. More details can be found by visiting our 'Find a Rental' page.

Q: I have found a holiday property through your website, but the owner/agent wasn’t very happy to take my breed of dog. What can I do?
A: First please notify us of the property and issue, we can then look into it. I am afraid it is best to find another property suited to your dog.

Q: I have found a holiday property on your website which said it welcomed dogs, but when I made a booking enquiry the owner said they had changed their minds about allowing pets. What can I do?
A: Please contact us with the details and we will contact the advertiser to find out the reasons for this. If they are no longer willing to accept any pets, we will remove his advert from our site.

Q: I searching for a holiday property in a specific area and specific features, but the search results were limited. What can I do?
A: Try selecting a larger search radius and maybe less features.

Q: I have found a holiday accommodation that says enclosed garden & secure garden, what is the difference?
A: We have decided to make it clear to our advertisers what we expect from them when they state either enclosed or secure garden.
Enclosed garden means a 2-4ft boundary fence, wall or hedge, does not offer security, just a visible boundary to the property that will keep most dogs in.
Secure garden means a 5-6ft wall, fence & gate that is totally secure. Dogs have no way over, through & maybe under.

Advertising Costs

Q: How much does it cost to advertise my holiday accommodation?
A: We aim to keep our costs as low as possible to encourage clients to our site. Our current prices can be found by clicking the click here to advertise link on the home page.
You can submit your advert online via our secure server, or, if you would like one of our team members to list an advert on your behalf, please contact us via our contact page for a quote.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: Payments can be made by debit/credit card online or over the phone, PayPal account, BACS payment, or by cheque/postal order (via the post). Adverts will not be activated on our website until we have received cleared funds.

Adding Your Pet Friendly Holiday Accommodation

Q: How does your service work?
A: We promote only pet friendly holiday rentals (UK), all you pay is a annual fee, there are NO commision charges with our annual fee option, You manage your own bookings via your own website (we provide a link to your website) or you can manage your booking enquiries via email or telephone via your advert on this website.

If you decide you would like to advertise your property online, please follow the online instructions. Once your advert has been submitted and payment has been received, it will then be forwarded to one of our team members. It is their job to proof read your advert(s) before it is submitted live on the internet.

Q: How easy is it to list our holiday rental property?
A: We have designed this site to be easy to use even for a novice computer user, just follow the prompts. If in doubt contact us.

Q: How do I add photos and how many can I add.
A: Follow the online instructions; you can add a minimum of 3 photos up to a maximum of 8. Each of these photos will need to be in JPEG format and no bigger than 2Mb; preferred size being 640 X 480

Q: I don’t have a digital camera, how can I put a photo on?
A: Try to borrow a digital camera from a friend or try scanning a photo on to our site. If you are unable to do this, please send us your photo’s in the post and we will scan them on for you. Please note that the quality of scanned photos will not be as good as a digital photo.

Q: How quickly will my property appear?
A: Once your listing has been approved by one of our team members, we aim to have your property activated within 24 hours. However during busy periods or if errors are found on your listing, there may be delays. If any problems with the listing are found, you will be contacted by email as soon as possible. Payment is to be received in full, before your advert is approved.

Q: How long will my listing run?
A: holiday accommodation adverts will last for 1 Year (365days). An email reminder will be sent when your subscription is due to run out and you can choose whether or not you wish to renew it.

Q: My property hasn’t appeared, even though I have paid my subscription and submitted my advert?
A: Each property advert is checked by a team member of pet friendly rentals, for any discrepancies before it appears on the website. If your advert has not appeared after 24 hours of the advert being submitted, please contact us via our contact page

Q: Can I stipulate the quantity of each type of pet I wish to allow?
A: Yes.  You can if you wish.  Just put the information within your property details.  Remember you must allow a minimum of 1 dog for holiday lets.


Maintaining Listings

Q: I have noticed an error or would like to edit my listing, can I change it?
A: Yes, you have your own personal login details and password. This means that your online property advert can be edited at any time.

Q: I have forgotten my password?
A: If you forget your password, please click the password reminder button on the login page. A reminder prompt will then be sent to you via email. You can if you wish change your password to something more memorable.

Q: I no longer wish to allow pets into my property as we have had a bad experience, Can I still advertise my property with you?
A: We are sorry that you encountered a problem with your pet friendly rental property. You could always stipulate a well behaved pet only in the future. Unfortunately we only advertise properties that are willing to accept pets. Why accept pets.

General Questions


Q: Can I advertise my other services through your site?
A: Yes, but not through a property listing. If you want to advertise any services through our site e.g. Banner or link, please get in contact with us.

Q: Can I add a link to my website
A: It will depend on the advertising option you have chosen. If we have provided you with a section to add your website then you are free to do so. No website links or address are to be placed within the text editor. Website links that do not have permision will result in your advert being removed until payment is received for the website link option. Links to affilliate sites or websites displaying advertising will not be allowed. If in doubt contact us for more information. All External website links must be approved by one of our team members. We have the right to remove any website link that we feel is inappropriate.

Q: Are my personal details secure?
A: At Pet Friendly Rentals, we take security of personal details very seriously. This site has an SSL Certificate (encrypted site). We will never pass any of your details on to a third party. see our privacy policy for full details.

Q: How will people contact me?
A: On your advert we will provide a link to your website( if option taken) an email enquiry link, your email address is kept hidden form view (stops spammers). You can also provide a Telephone Number if you wish, so people can call you directly

Contact Details

Q: I have a query, how can I contact you?
A: If you cannot find your answer in our FAQ’s, please get in contact with us via the form on our contact us page, we will get back in contact with you ASAP.