Booking a Holiday through us raises money for Pet Charities

We don't just choose one charity to donate too. We feel every charity deserves a donation for the good work they do, so we will every 1 or 2 month's choose a different UK pet charity that we feel deserves our donation.

Q: How do you raise money for UK Charities?
A: By simply booking your pet friendly holiday via one of our partner links on our website or charity page. We share our booking referral commission with the charities. Holidays must be booked via the dedicated links from this website or by using our dedicated phone lines.

Q: How much will you Donate?
A: Book your holiday either online or via the dedicated phone line and we currently donate £5 per holiday booking made, it's that simple. If 10 people book a holiday during a month the charity will receive £50, if 15 people book then £75 will be raised. Your holiday can be anytime during that current year or next year.  So if you book a holiday when a specific charity is listed as a Charity of the Month then that charity will get our donation. VIEW THE CHARITY OF THE MONTH

Q: Does this offer apply to all holiday properties booked via your website?
A: Unfortunately not. Only properties displaying the following codes; hos, C4U or bchip, Hol, Rural . Don't forget clicking on our partner banners below and booking on their website direct will also help us raise money.

This donation is at no extra cost to you, we simply share our referral commission. Booking via us will help raise money for charities that desperately need our help.

Our charity of the month is

Oldies Club - Helping old dogs find loving homes

Book online Via any of these and help us help UK charities. Or choose a property as seen on this website

rural retreats for poeple with dogs