Buying a puppy or dog

By admin | Oct 21st, 2015| Oh My Dog

Puppy buying tips!

Follow these golden rules on buying a puppy in the UK:

  •    Always ask to see the mother & puppies together
  • Beware if the breeder is outside the UK
  • Check vaccination cards.
  • Beware if you can't see the vet's details
  • Pedigree certificates do not guarantee the condition of the puppy
  • Never buy from someone who offers to deliver a puppy or meet you to offer a puppy
  • Consider a rescue dog from your local re-homing centre

Here's Some Puppy Farm Facts!

  • 17% of new puppies fall ill within days of arriving home
  • Watch footage secretly filmed by RSPCA undercover officers, lifting the lid on puppy trading
  • Puppy farm pups are often: - sick or diseased - malnourished
  • sold without proper certification
  • removed from their mothers too early
  • born in overcrowded, filthy conditions
  • Bitches are often abandoned after 6 years as they no longer have any use. These dogs have no socialisation skills, do not know how to play and are not house trained.

We as dog lovers can help stop Puppy Farming... Never buy a puppy from a Pet Shop, a genuine breeder would never sell a puppy to a pet shop. Pet Shop puppies are often puppy farmed dogs.