Coping with the Loss of a Dog
By admin | Sep 12th, 2014 | You and Your Dog

It’s rather bizarre that our first new blog for our newly designed website is about the loss of a dog. It has just happened to us in the most unexpected way (Aug-14). It was not old age or illness related but a tragic accident that took us both by total surprise and shock. We blamed ourselves for what happened and could not understand how it happened. But as time went on a clearer picture imerged, it was not our fault and it could not have been avoided, it was a freak accident. We will remember our 6 year old English Springer spaniel ROXY as a dog that was very happy in life and she died doing what she loved…..Love you always Roxy.   Those of us who can't imagine life without pets must face the inevitable, that we will almost certainly outlive our canine compani...

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